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Sealcoat is for longevity and cosmetic purposes.  It protects and seals the asphalt long term from breaking apart, cracking and erosion.  Our sealcoat is coal tar base material with sand and latex mixture.  This combination enables it to last longer and expand and retract in hot and cold weather.  


We overlay the existing asphalt with new asphalt, creating a new driveway or parking lot.  In some cases, it makes it stronger and last longer.  

Note: The asphalt must be in good enough shape in order for the overlay to work. If the asphalt is in bad shape, the old asphalt has to be removed completely and the process is started over.   

Pro Tip: Some customers think they have to remove their asphalt when in most cases we can just overlay it and save them some money!  We can cut out the bad areas, patch them for leveling purposes and then overlay everything with the result being a new driveway or parking lot.  


A process where we cut out broken up asphalt and remove it.  We then put down a dense grade base for leveling purposes and patch with hot asphalt to level and blend back in with the existing asphalt.  This is a very cost effective process.  


Description coming.  


Description coming.